Our café, ‘Can Teen’, is one of a kind. Our meals are cooked by young volunteers training in the kitchens, under the guidance and supervision of a professional chef. If your business, group or organisation is interested in having a private lunch or dinner that does good and tastes good, then get in touch today. We can also provide catering outside of our premises.


Whether your planning an event, a conference, or need to feed a large group then we’d be delighted to help. You may be scheduling a meeting in our event space, or perhaps you’d like food delivered to your doorstep. Whatever your need, we offer fresh buffets and hot food at a very modest price, plus all our profits go right back into helping to train and support the talented chefs who made it.


Who We Are

We are a new kind of canteen dedicated to providing real-life opportunities for young people between the ages of 14 to 19 years interested in gaining real-life experience of working in kitchen, where they can learn to unleash their potential.

What We Do

We offer meals freshly prepared by volunteers under the supervision of an experienced and professional chef. We also cater for business and social occasions, and our profits are reinvested in helping young chefs gain valuable experience in food preparation.

Why We Do It

We believe that by giving young people real chances to learn and develop new skills, they will not only grow in confidence and self-esteem, but will also discover hidden talents that may inspire them to think differently about their future.

What We Learn

The dedication and enthusiasm shown by the young people we work with never fails to impress and motivate us. And their eagerness encourages us to continue improving our services, whilst also developing new menus and activities.


As we grow our brand we aim to expand the number of volunteers we can support in our kitchens, and by doing so enable more young people to become actively involved in their community.

Contact Us


Interested in our catering services? Or maybe you’re interested in the flexible programmes of coaching and mentoring for young people aged 14-16 that we offer? Whatever your query, you can contact us by filling in the form.

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Employability Solutions are a Social Enterprise working across Liverpool and West Yorkshire, providing a full time Alternative Education Provision for young people aged 14 to 19 yrs. We were established in 2012, and in that time have empowered over 400 young people to take responsibility for their own development and unleash their potential. Many of our students have gone on to apprenticeships, employment and university. We provide education programmes individually developed to meet the needs of each and every student we care for. We do this by offering accredited training, personal guidance, support and access to a wider curriculum of enrichment activities. In the last year, and in partnership with other local entrepreneurs we have successfully launched vibrant, sustainable enterprise hubs managed by our students for the benefit of our community.
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